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Filling the gaps where internet and phone services need to meet today's requirements. We are totally focused on creating a quality network to deliver high speed internet and digital voice service to the home and rural business community.

Affordable POP Repeaters - Looking to get a valley or small community serviced through wireless internet then this is a great way of getting connected.

Engineering and fabrication – We have licensed and unlicensed spectrum and are able to custom fabricate mounts, towers or anything else required.

Network Engineering & Project Management - we are able to manage both cost and time effectively to ensure the success of your RF project.

WASP NZ has the choices you need to have fast access to the Internet. Broadband from WASP NZ will let you surf the Internet and talk on the phone at the same time. There's no need for a second line and no wait to get online as there is no dialling up. It's a whole new Internet experience - website content delivered as you want it, the opportunity to utilise broadband telephony (Digital Voice over Internet) and download video on demand.


WASP NZ Broadband ADSL and VDSL

Fast broadband delivered through your phone line! WASP NZ ADSL changes the way you use the Internet. You can shop and bank online easily, download music and games quickly, email large attachments, watch music and film clips on your computer and much more.

What do you need?  An active phone account, a computer with a USB or Ethernet port, an ADSL router and an ADSL Line Filter for each telephone jack point intended for telephone use.  Speeds vary in every area.  As this is a "Best Effort" service, it is important to know that ADSL Broadband is not available on all phone lines.  Please request a feasibility test and view our current plans and pricing.


WASP NZ Wireless

If you've checked and you are unable to get Broadband ADSL, that doesn't mean you can't get a high-speed Internet connection. WASP NZ Wireless has public frequency wireless networks throughout Hawke's Bay that beam the Internet into your home or business using proven Trango and Air Fibre Broadband technology. For more details click here.

What do you need? You will require specialised radio equipment mounted on your house, a computer with either an Ethernet port or 802.11b/g radio card. We can supply a basic Broadband Cable router and if required we can supply a 802.11b/g Wireless Broadband Cable router.  Wireless connection test must be undertaken prior to any installation.  Please request a feasibility test and view our current plans and pricing.


If you have your own Domain Name , WASP NZ can host your Domain email.

Using your domain name, you can:

  • Have multiple addresses for one recipient such as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. AND This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Use Mail bagging to deliver all emails to one mailbox
  • Separate emails address for all staff.

Read more about WASP NZ Mail Hosting.

Ngawi Fishing Village

WASP NZ Limited - Ngawi Fishing Village

WASP is now reaching out all over New Zealand with high speed broadband and Digital Voice Services.
Here we are at the road to nowhere Ngawi fishing village at the bottom of the North Island. It is  one of our most remote locations in the country. It is a spectacular and histrionically rugged part of the country. It is a must see destination and one that WASP is working hard to support.

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